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To schedule your pool opening please select the option below that best suits your needs. Once Cherry Hill Pool receives your payment you will be placed on our tentative pool opening schedule then contacted the week PRIOR to the opening with the date to expect our arrival.
PLEASE NOTE: All pool openings are booked in two week increments and Cherry Hill will do our best to open your pool during the time frame you have requested. Because we open several pools a day throughout the New England region, we cannot accommodate requests for specific dates or times.

What a Cherry Hill Pool Opening Includes

1. Removal and folding of cover

Pool covers will be left inside the pool area. If you have a special request for the cover to be stored in a different location you MUST contact us at least 24 hours prior to our arrival with this information and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

2. Equipment start up

As part of the pool opening we will start your pump to initiate the water flow through the systems. Heaters will be fired, however, not left on (unless specifically requested 24 hours prior to the scheduled opening). IF we find that something is not working properly we will leave a door tag noting the details. It will be the homeowner's responsibility to contact Cherry Hill for a separate service request if they choose to do so. We do not fix any equipment during a pool opening.

3. Treatment of pool and/or spa with shock and metal remover

Cherry Hill will add salt or chlorine (depending on the system installed) as needed. If shock or metal remover is required we will add enough to get the process started. Homeowners will need to either follow up with the treatment process or contact Cherry Hill with a future service request.

4. 10 minutes of debris removal

Our technicians are instructed to remove as much debris as possible within a ten minute time period. Please keep in mind that there may be additional removal necessary after the opening has been completed if the debris buildup is more excessive than time allotted allows. Any additional cleaning by Cherry Hill will need to be called into the office and booked as a future service request.

What Homeowners are Responsible for PRIOR to the Opening

To ensure that an opening can occur please make sure the following is done before our arrival. If not, our technicians will move on to the next scheduled opening for the day and the customer will be required to re-book another opening.

1. Equipment and pool are accessible gates unlocked, dogs put away, and filters in view (if have been removed during the winter).

2. Electric breakers are turned on (easily accessible to CHP) so that our technicians can turn on your equipment.

3. Ladders, handrails, etc. are easily visible and left on the deck next to the pool


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