• Pebble Beach Laguna model pool installed for the Daniels family in Warren, RI
  • Stunning Granite color, Laguna model pool installed in Upton for the Swanson Family.
  • St. Thomas model pool and Royal Spa installed for the Atlass family on Nantucket.
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Swimming Pool Buyers Guide for MA, NH, RI, ME and CT

1. CONTRACTOR REPUTATION: You want to make sure that the contractor you are dealing with is not a "fly by night" operation. Be sure to check if all the contractors you are considering have business addresses and telephone numbers. Look for contractors who have been in the pool industry for at least five years.
2. REFERENCES: Ask the contractor for a list of customer references. Contact the references to learn what their experiences were before, during and after work was completed. If possible, visit references and visually inspect the completed job. Questions to ask include: Were there any surprises during the job-such as a change in price? Was it easy to get in touch with the contractor while the construction was in progress? Would you hire this contractor again?
3. BRICK AND MORTAR OR NOT?: Does the contractor have a place to view pools and all the equipment that they sell? Do they do the actual installation and excavation or do the subcontract out to other vendors. It is always best to visit the contractor's place of business before you buy! Look at their operation. Is this their primary job or something they do in addition (for example, a landscaping or fencing company that also offers swimming pools.)
4. LICENSES & LIABILITY: Always make sure that a contractor is insured and licensed. Ask to see insurance certificates for both general liability and workers compensation, and a license in the name of the individual building your pool or spa. Call the insurance companies and the state contractor's board to confirm validity. Does the company provide liability and worker's compensation insurance to protect you in the event of an accident on the job? Installing pools can be very strenuous work, so always insist on a statement of coverage from the contractor's insurance agent.
5. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: Remember that the lowest price is not always the best. Consider materials used, length of warranty offered, products and services included in the price. Make sure that the quality, brand, grade, weight, color and size of materials are stated in the contract. You'll want some uniformity in the price quotes you get from the contractors.
6. WARRANTY: Verify what the warranty is on the pool and what is included for post-completion care. And who will honor the guarantee, the dealer or the manufacturer? Remember a guarantee is only as good as the firm offering it. Another reason length of time in business is so important.
7. CONTRACTS: If you are considering gunite and it is within your means, have an attorney review the contract as this is especially important with in-ground concrete pools that have very specific building specifications and material requirements.
8. VERIFY: If you are considering fiberglass, contact the firm's manufacturer and verify the number of pools the contractor has installed in the last 12 months and whether the manufacturer would recommend the firm.
9. PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT: Never pay a contractor in cash. Use cashier's checks or money orders and get a receipt. Verify what is included in the installation and what is not included.
10. PROJECTED TIMELINE: Question how long the installation will take from ground-breaking to completion.
11. AFFLIATIONS: Verify professional affiliations - Is your pool builder a member of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals and Better Business Bureau? As with any construction project, nothing beats experience and reputation. You are going to live with your purchase for a long, long time and you want to be sure it is done right. Cherry Hill Pools and Spas has installed hundreds of swimming pools in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut - we do it right, the first time and stand by our work.

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