• Pebble Beach Laguna model pool installed for the Daniels family in Warren, RI
  • Stunning Granite color, Laguna model pool installed in Upton for the Swanson Family.
  • St. Thomas model pool and Royal Spa installed for the Atlass family on Nantucket.
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Pool Cleaning Systems All Cherry Hill Pool & Spa clients receive a manual maintenance kit with their pool. For additional convenience we offer the following options for easier pool cleaning.
 Vantage Cleans Your Pool So You Don't Have To!
Swim In A Healthier, Cleaner, Warmer Pool!

Now, enjoy the beauty and lifestyle you always wanted in a backyard fiberglass pool! Get the combined benefits of complete water circulation and thorough pool cleaning in one system. VANTAGE'S patented "water curtain" or collection zone makes easy and automatic cleaning a reality!

Heat Savings:
The VANTAGE System turns your pool into a passive, solar-heated pool for extended swimming season enjoyment and energy savings.



For Pools With Conventional Heaters, VANTAGE Can Save Up To 50% In Heating Costs!

Chemical Savings
The VANTAGE system circulates chemically treated, filtered pool water through patented pop-up nozzles located in the floor of the pool. Unlike conventional systems, the VANTAGE system's bottom to top circulation penetrates all layers of your pool water. Result? Dramatic savings on chemical costs and a healthier, cleaner pool!

An ordinary pool's water is not circulated efficiently, promoting non-active areas where algae develops requiring more chemicals. The surface area retains heat ... causing rapid evaporation that leaves uncomfortable cold spots throughout the pool.

An alternative to the self-cleaning system, is the electric robot cleaner with independent collection bin. We recommend the Pro Trac Robot Cleaner. Features include:

    • Cleans and scrubs floors, walls, waterline and steps
    • Quick-Clean Feature allows the user to turn off “Wall Climbing Mode” for faster pool floor cleaning
    • Intelligent navigation - does not require walls to change direction
    • Revolutionary robotic design enabling a wider cleaning swath for faster cleaning coverage
    • Dual Direct-Drive motors for greater traction and pin-point navigation
    • Brush-to-port suction for thorough vacuuming of acorns, leaves and fine debris
    • Gel-Pro brushes - gentle enough for vinyl and fiberglass pools, rugged enough for concrete pools
    • Fast – Designed to clean any shape or type of residential pool in 1 hour (3-Hr “Thorough Cleaning” cycle should be used for heavier debris)
    • Quick-drain system for Easy-lift removal from pool
    • Polycarbonate Construction – Extremely durable, yet lightweight
    • 60' super-cord with kink-resistant technology – Always maintains its original shape
    • Super capacity filter bag - Biggest in industry
    • Eco-friendly; uses 70% less energy than other cleaners
    • Consumer or dealer DIY serviceability
    • ETL, CSA and CE approved; manufactured in an ISO 9000 facility
    • 2-yr limited warranty
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